How to survive the fae

How to survive the fae

  1. Eat not what they offer
  2. Promise not thy first born child
  3. Magic always has a price
  4. A life for a life, there must always be balance
  5. Trust not the smiles and kindness, but do not disregard it.
  6. Invite them not into thy home
  7. Invite them not into thy mind
  8. Spean not of thy name, for a name is power
  9. Ask not for favors, you will regret them
  10. Dance not with them, for they will enchant thee
  11. Step not into mushroom circles, for thou will never leave
  12. Drink not from their wells
  13. Kill not what they protect
  14. Destroy not what they love
  15. Summon not the Elder Race
  16. Summon not the Fae
  17. Wish naught of them
  18. Speak not of gold, for they covet it
  19. Speak not of children, for they covet them also
  20. Fall not in love with them, for they feel not the same love
  21. Offer nothing but kindness, accept nothing but smiles
  22. Trust not their compliments, but take them in stride
  23. Compliment them, for the Fae are prideful
  24. Lie not, the fair folk hate those who lie
  25. Iron is thy friend, keep it close and wear it on thy person
  26. Rowan and alder are also thy friend but more noticeable
  27. Think not of treachery, they shall destroy thee
  28. Sign no contracts, thou will not get a lawyer, only death and heartache
  29. Give not thy blood, for it will bind you to them
  30. Seek not power through them, for they will gain it through you.

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