Heaven Shall Burn– Of Truth & Sacrifice

Heaven Shall Burn– Of Truth & Sacrifice 

“We see a warrior, symbolizing Sacrifice, falling to the ground as she is dealt a mortal blow, a spear protruding through her breast. She lays guarding her child, symbolizing Truth, a naked toddler standing behind her shield and holding the spear with both hands. The message on Of Truth & Sacrifice is clear: how much are you willing to sacrifice to do the right thing? To protect Truth?

The artwork is done in the classical style, the woman not dissimilar from Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare. Her armor seems about right, while the spear and shield, whose engravings bear a resemblance to the Gorgoneion, are both major symbols of Athena. The subtlety of her expression is the highlight of the piece. Resignation, defeat, desperation, exhaustion and, most of all, strength are writ large across her face. Similarly striking is the child, not passive and cowering, but upright and seemingly pulling through the spear with all of his strength. Pulling it all the way through would lead to a quicker, less painful death. As they say, the Truth will set you free.

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A Gift To Artwork // 2020 In Review

A Gift to Artwork, taken from the Caligula’s Horse song “A Gift to Afterthought”, breaks down and analyses your favourite album artwork. The first time an album’s name appears, it will link to a large and (where possible) high-resolution image of the cover so that you can take a closer look.

Prints are available here:

Eliran Kantor | Artist

LIMITED EDITION MUSEUM GRADE PRINTS Signed & Numbered Only 50 or 85 pieces made of each. Hand signed and numbered. Dimensions: 58cm x 58cm. Printed on heavy, pure cotton, matt finish, handmade Hahnemühle fine art paper. Archival, comes with a certificate of authenticity. Made in Germany under direct artist supervision.

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