One of the first massacres of the Greek Genocide occurred at

One of the first massacres of the Greek Genocide occurred at Economio (today Kumburgaz) on the 25th of January 1913. Economio is a seaside town located approximately 50km west of Constantinople (today Istanbul) in the region of Eastern Thrace, today part of #Turkey.

In January 1913, an Ottoman fleet landed 500 troops at Economio and directed all males aged 15 and over including the priest and the elders to assemble within half an hour. They then led 140 of them to the shoreline where they were murdered. One of the first to be murdered was priest Neophytos whom they burnt alive.

The following monument located at Agia Triada in Greece is dedicated to the Greeks of Economio. The monument was erected on the 27th of January 2002 and is inscribed with the words…

“Economio – ancient homeland – in Agia Triada your children now live.”

The cylindrical column at the center of the monument was taken from the Dormition of the Mother of God (Κοιμήσεως της Θεοτόκου) church at Economio which has since been demolished.

More #GreekGenocide monuments can be viewed at our website:

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