Safeword of the day, "Nika"

BDSM. Byzantine Discussion and Study Meetings.

Safeword of the Day: “Nika”

Welcome to our first ‘session’ of the day at Byzantine Discussion and Study Meetings (BDSM) Club, where the safeword is ‘Nika’.

Today, under Basilissa Dommitria, you shall be ‘subjected’ with the ‘punishing’ history of the famous Nika Riots that took place in 532 AD. Learn how Empress Theodora ‘dominated’ the decision making that prevented Emperor Justinian from fleeing the scene, thus, allowing him and his men to ‘pacify’ the riots.

Come and join Basilissa Dommitria to learn about Byzantine History, only at Byzantine Discussion and Study Meetings (BDSM) Club in your nearest Re-enactor-con!

The Art of Gambargin.

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