Muse Polymnia


the Muse

of Hymns and Sacred Poetry,

According to her nature she is depicted as somewhat serious and meditative, far-seeing might perhaps be a word to describe her expression.

Her name Πολυύμνια means “The One of Many Hymns” from the Greek words πολλοί  (many) and ύμνος (hymn or praise).

Her poetry is both sacred and immortal, in that under her dominion is also the greatest works which have “won immortal fame”.

She also said to be the muse of geometry, meditation, and agriculture, as well as have invented grammar.

She helped to “remember what was captured.” It is believed that she keeps in memory all the hymns, ritual dances and songs that glorify the Olympian gods.

She is often depicted with a long cloak and veil.


Charles Meynier

French 1763-1832

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