Depiction of Jesus

During the 6th century common era

the manner of depicting Jesus was not yet uniform, and there was some controversy over which of the two most common icons was to be favored. The first or judaeo “Semitic” form which showed Jesus with short and “frizzy” hair; the second showed a bearded Jesus with hair parted in the middle sitting on a throne in the manner in which the god Zeus was depicted.

John of Damascus a church father in the years 675 tells a story that an educated Greek artist was commissioned to paint an image of Jesus used the “Zeus” form instead of the “Semitic” form, and that as punishment his hands withered away.

Regardless of the dubious and bogus punishment of hands withering it seems that the long-haired, bearded Zeus was fated to become the standardized version of Jesus that has come down to us in modern day

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