Hermes, Athena and Apollo

Hermes, Athena and Apollo

Hermes, just like Athena and Apollo, actively participated in the Trojan War – as told by Homer in the Iliad.

Although in one lengthy passage he acts as counsellor and guide to the Trojan King Priam in his attempt to reclaim the body of his fallen son Hector, Hermes actually supports the Achaeans in the Trojan War.

The god is most often described by Homer as ‘Hermes the guide, slayer of Argos’ and ‘Hermes the kindly’.

Hermes gives particular help to Odysseus, especially on his long return voyage to Ithaca (Odyssey), for example, giving him an antidote to the spells of Circe.

Another hero helped by the god was Perseus, Hermes giving him an unbreakable sword or sickle (harpe) of adamantine and guiding him to the three Graeae who would reveal the location of Medusa.

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