So we can blame Americans for manga

Rome is founded->The republic Expands->Julius Caesar Conquers Gaul->Caesar gains political power and becomes dictator->Julius Caesar gets acupuncture->Augustus Succeeds him->Rome Conquers Judea->Christ is crucified->Rome’s road network spread Christianity throughout the empire->1)Islam is founded… I know Jesus is an important figure in the Quran and assume a connection & 2)Constantine Legalizes Christianity and moves the capital to Byzantium, renaming it Constantinople->Rome falls->Eastern Rome goes up against the Sassanids->Islam takes over the Sassanids->Islam becomes a major power in the region ->Islamic powers moves in on Eastern Rome->Eastern Rome requests aid from the Pope->The First Crusade start in 1095->Crusade 2: Electric Boogaloo->Crusade 3: The Christening->Crusade 4: The Sacking of Constantinople->Weakens Eastern Rome->Rise of Ottomans in 1299->Ottomans become a major power in Anatolia-> Failure of the crusades of Varna and Death of king Wladyslaw III of Poland in the battle of Varna in 1445->Ottoman Power unchecked-> Siege of Constantinople in 1452-> strengthing the ottomans-> Europeans seek alternate route to Asia->Discover Americas in 1493->13 colonies formed by Britain-> Meanwhile, in Europe, Ottomans fund reformation->Most of Europe weak now->Rise of Prussia-> Strong ottomans conquer Balkans and Hungary->Gets defeated in the siege of Vienna in 1683(?) thus increasing Austria’s power and then getting the Balkans and Hungary->political instability in the balkans->7 years’ war making Prussia a dominant power in Europe->French revolution->Napoleonic wars->Prussia stronger->Forms Germany->France helps Italian unification->Meanwhile in America, the 13 colonies revolt , succeed and form United States of America in 1776-> USA forces Japan to not be isolationists in 19th century->Meiji Restoration in Japan-> Fall of the shogunate-> Japan rises as first westernised nation outside of Europe and a dominant world power->Meanwhile in Europe,Assassination of Archduke franz Ferdinand in 1914->World War 1->Japan joins the war->Japan wants more territories->Imperial Japan->gets nuked in 1945 for pearl Harbor->embraced western culture and formed anime->hentai was formed

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This is the beginning of an Aesop Fable. The doorbell rang. It was a frog. 🐸 Then what?


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